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Hi, Welcome to The Next Chapter – a creative consultancy bureau that makes start-up brands and bars live up to their full potential. And that's it. And here’s our website. Enjoy!

Meet the team:

Meet the team

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So what do we do?

Our goal is to help small, rising brands to reach their desired market share and target audience and turn underperforming bars and restaurants into prosperous businesses.

If you're a brand owner, our services include complex break into market strategy, seasonal activations, core menu listings, collaborative brand training sessions, takeovers, and brand/cocktail competitions.

To our retail partners, we offer a range of services varying from the general menu building and staff training to recruitment and concept redevelopment.


Brand advocacy & activation:

Staff training & masterclasses:

Concept & menu development:

Our valued partners:

TNC champions the partnering brands and always works closely with the owners and distributors, making them explicit and fully accessible to our clients. We also get personal, and the individualized service is what we are particularly proud of delivering. We are trained to ask the right questions and always aim to create engagement that is fun and relevant for all sides involved.

Thank you for writing your ‘next chapter’ with us!


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